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Attention Small Business Owner (SBO's)! 

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business, (NAFIB), the top ten concerns of small business owners in America are as follows:    

#1: The cost of health care 

#2: Oppressive government regulations 

#3: Federal income tax on businesses 

#4: Uncertain economic conditions    

#5:  Tax compliance complexity - (I took a close look at the new tax laws as they relate to SBO and based on what I can tell they are some what supportive to SBO's, BUT we may have to go back to school in order to learn how to implement the new requirements in order to benefit.  I can see now that I am going to keep my SBO lawyers pretty busy this year… 

#6 - 9: Other government-related issues (There are so many different areas that require your attention).

#10: Finding qualified employees   

Government Compliance was, without a doubt, the area of greatest concerns and the most challeging area to navigate, according to NAFIB.  This area alone can cost you thousands, and considering time spent in understanding what to do and how to implement them to comply, having a lawyer to call on is the only reasonable solution. 

Six (6) of the top 10 issues small business owners express the most concern about were Government Compliance related (BUT the problem for many small business owners is understanding what is required). SBO's neither knew, "What specific regulations affected your specific business or How to comply with them."

IF YOU ARE tired of losing time and money because of the hassles associated with trying to find out what Specific Government Regulations affect your business and how to comply with them, YOU are in LUCK!*

We can put you in touch with an attorney who will consult with you on an unlimited number of Legal Matters that come up in your business as often as such matters occur ALL for less than a cup of coffee basis. The solution is simple:  If you have legal concerns, all you have to do is call your business legal attorney.

Ironically, or perhaps not so ironic, but government compliance is the one area that each of our small business owners' legal plans is most generous in.  If fact, if you have ten employees or less and you have zero concerns about the potential lawsuit, your legal plan could cost less than a cup of coffee per day while still providing you with unlimited consultations.  

The bottom line is simple:  Have a Legal Issue, Contact Your Attorney! 

DID YOU know that your business can also be HI-JACKED by Identity Thieves!  How do I know this:  Been There! 

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