The primary purpose of this web site is to introduce you to "Q-Stories.  Q-Stories as I call them were introduced to me by My "Six-Pac" (Mom, Dad, Uncle Joe, GrandMa, Uncle Chest, and Uncle Ramond!  It was their way of getting inside my mind ... of molding me and preparing me for life. 

It was not long before I began to realized that the approached they used on me was very effective in helping me to understand and remember their lessons ans straingely enough, often times I did not know that they were in their teaching mode.  As as young adult and because I apparently I had been mentally wired, I began using that same approach when communicating with everyone else.  I came to realized that I seemed to learn more from any and all situations if I could relate it to a story or design a story to help me to remember the teaching / learning point of the story.  

Once I realized the power their stories had on me I decided to use stories as my way to explain my position on anything or to sell my position on any particular position to others.  Shortly after making this decision I quickly realized the power of this approach.  Over the years I have found that most people are despirately in need of a "Mind Rewireing" ... aka a "Mind / Thinking Makeover" and I enjoyed trying to effect such changes. I urge you to take a few moments to read through a few of my Q-Stories.  Once you do I am certain that you will want to read them all and continue to come back to read new postings.

The first few Q-Stories that I have selected for you are the ones, as best as I can remember, that in fact was the beginning of my life of telling reading, and writing stories about life lessions.  Over the years I have read, and written (from my personal expriences), hundreds of Q-Stories.  They are in my openion a direction reflection of any and all the success that I have enjoyed throughout my life.  Enjoy!

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