How-2-Invest In Stocks Like The Pros!

Posted July 2020



"Dowdy's Back Door Secrets 2-Life and Wealth" 


 "How-2-Invest In Stocks Like The Pros!"


"He that stumbles twice over one stone deserves 

to break his shin." - Seneca 


"the Colonel" & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.) / 714-273-5223


Hello Friends,

Let me start by providing you with a few words I found on the back of one of the Rich Dad collection of books by Robert K.


Robert starts by stating that: The Economy is Not the Issue, The Issue is You. He continues by asking the following questions:


Are you angry at the corruption in the corporate world? At Wall Street and the big banks? At the government for doing too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right things? Or are you angry at yourself for not taking control of your finances sooner? Life is tuff, Robert says: 


The question is, "What Are You Going To Do About It!" 


Robert continues: "Moaning and groaning about the economy or blaming others won't secure your financial future. If you want wealth, you need to create it." You need to take charge of your financial future. You need to take charge of your future by taking control of your income — Today.


"The greatest hindrance to building wealth is Procrastination." 

- George S. Clason, (The Richest Man In Babylon)


I found Robert's comments and questions interesting because this was where I stood not many years before. Just as Robert and everyone else who are financially free will tell you if asked, which is his main point, you need your own business! And if you are living from paycheck-2-paycheck, it's your fault. Not the economy, not your job, and not how much you earn. Just you!


But you are thinking. What, start investing in stocks in this economy in the middle of a pandemic. My answer! It is an excellent time to start investing in stocks, but just doing so will teach you a lot about money and that and the lack of an understanding about money is why most people live all their lives from paycheck-2-paycheck. When things get tuff, that's when we must "Get Tuff." 


Investing in stocks is a great way to build long-term wealth, but just as important, you will gain a better understanding of how money works. And that, my friend, is critical!


"How-2-Invest In Stocks Like The Pros!" 


My son and I developed a six (6) hour workshop and then sent out an email with our offer to teach people,


"How-2-Invest In Stocks Like The Pros!"  


Within two weeks of sending out our first email announcing this program, we had graduated seven workshop attendees. Upon their graduation from our workshop, we asked for their comments regarding the seminar. 


Here are some of their comments:


"I have been interested in stocks for a long time, BUT I always thought it was much too costly to get started; I simply had no idea how it worked, this is amazing." - Tia S. MS (Behavior Sciences)


"This is awesome. I'm in. I'm going to teach this system to my 13-year-old daughter," - LaTrice K. MS, 


"Awesome Program, Love it. I'm in." - Justin D. BCBA Candidate, (Behavior Sciences)


"I thought the session was information-packed and valuable. The two of you, (my son was also assisting me), have much learning to share on the subject of stocks and investing. I applaud you." Constance T. O. (U.S. Federal Judge, (Ret.)  


"I already have a few stocks, but I always wanted to be able to track how they were doing and possibly buy stocks that I feel are emerging at a moment's notice. This program will work for me. My broker is going to be pissed when I transfer all my stocks to this program." - Tyrone H., CDC


"This was a great workshop. I hope to help you teach this workshop sometimes in the future." - Xavier H.


After receiving so many positive comments and the fact that we quickly began enjoying what we were doing, we decided to begin offering our program to the masses.  


And that, my friends, is why we build this website. Our goal is to help you change your financial situation. 


In our, 



You will learn everything you Need-2-Know about becoming a stock investor. Whether you decide to pursue this course of action is your choice, BUT what you will gain by way of an understanding about money will serve you in all the areas of life!


We conduct this workshop in three two (2) hours sessions. All workshop sessions will be delivered into your home or office using the top-rated Zoom app.  


The first two (2) hours of our six (6) hour workshop are on a one-on-one basis (You and Me and possible my son). I/we will issue you a personal ID# & Pass Word a couple of days beforehand so you will be able to enter your Zoom workshop as scheduled.  


The 2nd and 3rd two (2) hours may be presented in a group setting, depending on scheduling. However, if there are other members in the group, you have the option to remain unseen by turning your video mode off, the choice is yours. 


We also know that at times scheduling issues arise, therefore if you prefer, you may attend two (2) three (3) hour sessions instead of three (3) two (2) hour sessions if you desire. 


One question that often comes up after potential clients read this offer is:


Why would anyone be interested in investing in stocks when many companies in America are struggling to survive? 


Tell me this: Would you prefer to buy a stock when it may well be at it's the lowest price or at its highest price? Stocks are like everything else; you want to buy when prices are low and sell when they are high.  


Although this is not always possible to know, it appears that now may well be one of the best times to buy stocks in recent history. 


Most experts will tell you not to try and time the market, just get in the market and use the dollar-cost-average approach. My research shows me the same.


Once you sign-up for your workshop, we will send you an email that will contain your private ID# and PassWord so that you will be able to enter your workshop sessions on Zoom). 


Once you have attended our workshop, we will send you another email that will contain a link to the website that we use to do all of our investing. It is a free site and does not charge the standard $8 to $15 trade fees that most trading websites use. It is also easy to navigate.  


Although we will do all we can to make things clear to you, you will have questions. Rest assured that we will address every issue that you have in the most understandable way possible.  


There are some things that you must consider before you consider investing in even your first stock. Some of them are as follows:  


Your age, your anticipated age at retirement, how much money you expect you will need at retirement to maintain your desired standard of living. These are just some of the things you will need to consider.


It's also a good idea for you to considered your present and expected health condition at retirement. You will not need to provide us with this information, BUT you will need to be aware of it.  


You will also need to consider your aversion to risk. Understanding these factors will help you, along with our recommendations, determine what type of stocks you should look at.


Following are some of what you will learn during this six (6) workshop:


1. How to set up your stock account. After your account has been set-up, we will begin walking you through your account's operations. We will start probing to try and determine what kind of investor you want to be. We will help you identify your investment goals, and how we can help you fix stocks into your plans. We will help you with your short, medium, and long term investment goals. We may need to ask you a few personal questions (Rest assured that all you tell me will be in strict confidence). 


2. How to research and rate stocks—some of the questions that you should always ask before you buy any companies' socks. You will learn something about our rating system. You will learn what questions to ask yourself when deciding what type of investor you are. We will help you identify your investment goals, and how we can help you fit stocks into your plans. 


3. You will learn some factors that you should consider, and based on those factors; you will better be able to decide how you want to invest.  


4. You will learn how to establish short, medium, and longterm investment goals. Though we will not ask you any personal questions, we present several different scenarios that most of our students fall in, and you will likely be able to find one or more that fits your situation.


Example: My son is much more of an aggressive investor than I am, but he is also much younger. With all things being equal, he has much longer to invest and can perhaps afford to make a few more mistakes than I can.  

He leans more toward trying to "timing the market," whereas I am far more prudent, and I prefer to use a somewhat different approach. I am willing to speculate some, but I will always employ more of the age-old, "Dollar-Cost Average" approach, meaning that I will always have a fairly large portion of my funds in an Index Fund. We will explain what index funds are during our workshop.


5. You will learn about stocks within many different areas of shares. You will learn about the type of stocks that might best fit your taste and your medium and long term goals. Point being, some investors would never invest in a tobacco company, no matter how well their stocks are growing.  


6. We will introduce you to some commonly used terms and their meanings.


7. We will continue walking you through your stock account website. We will teach you how to dissect stocks, which will help you learn to estimate it's potential. 


8. We will talk about some of the things we usually look for and also why we sometimes decide against a particular stock purchase even though it may be a good buy. 


9. We will teach you how to invest in real estate without ever having to unplug toilets on Sunday morning.


10. How we analyze individual stocks to identify potential stock purchases. You will learn how to put a particular stock on your watchlist or remove it from your watchlist.  


11. During the course of this six (6) hour workshop, you are going to learn some secrets about buying stocks, that many, and I dare say most, of the stock Guru's, don't know. And even if they do, they dam sure don't want you or me to know! 


12. We will provide you with the ticker numbers of some stocks that many of the wealthiest people in America own, and when possible, we will also tell you why we think they purchased a particular stock.  


13. We will continue to teach you how to navigate your stock investing website while learning as much as you can about investing in stocks. We will work hard to make sure you become as comfortable as browsing your stock website, evaluating stocks, and investing in stocks. We will teach you how to add and remove stocks from your watch list as well as add or remove stocks from your portfolio. The evaluation process is critical to your success in investing in stocks.  


14. Though we feel that taking the long term approach is best, we will talk about some of the things you may want to consider regarding the ownership of stocks on a short and medium-term basis. But again, our goal is that you adopt a long-term investment approach, and as history has proven repeatedly, taking a long-term strategy to stock investing has been far more rewarding than a short or medium-term plan. However, the choice is yours! 


15. We will teach you how to identify emerging stocks. Our goal is to learn how to pick a stock based on your personal and financial interests. While traveling through each of the different areas of shares, you will identify some that you will especially like and some that you won't like. Using caution in all cases, you should carefully evaluate your reasons for liking or disliking a particular stock. At the end of these six (6) hour workshops, you will feel very comfortable and possibly even proud of what you have learned about investing in stocks.  


YOU MAY BE THINKING: Investing in stocks will be far too time-consuming for you to consider investing.  


LET ME ASSURE YOU: If after you attend our Six (6) workshop, you find yourself spending more than one (1) hour per month or less I am going to be dam disappointed because I will know that you are not following my approach to investing. I will explain this in more detail during our six (6) hour workshop.






Six (6) hour workshop:  


$249.00 - Includes three (3), FREE family members, (They must attend at the same time).



If, after the first hour of our seminar, you decide that our workshop is not for you, let us know, and we will give you a 100% refund, with no questions asked. None! However, you must make your decision no later than after the 1st Hour of the first Workshop.  





Bonus #1: Upon completing our: "How-2-Invest In Stocks Like The Pros!" workshop, we will provide you with FREE access to our Monthly Mastermind Sessions (MMS). However, this is an open forum. We talk about many different aspects of investing - (No politics)!  


You will receive an ID and Password to our Mastermind Sessions (MMS), which will be conducted via Zoom every month or more if we feel one is needed.  


Bonus #2: You will also begin receiving Monthly Stock Updates Newsletter (MSUN) via email for an additional twelve (12) months. We will use this newsletter to help us keep you abreast of some of the things that we feel you should consider regarding your overall financial health.  


My Team is always on the lookout for great stock opportunities, but another set of eyes is still helpful.  


My son and I are Angel Investors, and we are always looking for potential investments before they IPO. We will talk about this more.  


Our goal is that all of our workshop graduates become very conformable in investing in stocks. This information will help you get started in the stock market, and once you feel comfortable operating with your stock market and investing knowledge, you will be on your way.  


If you are interested in this program, you may contact us directly at or call/text me at 714-273-5223. 


Don't Get Left Behind-AGAIN! 

Everyday You Wait May Cost You Money. Enroll Now!


During the last year or so, my son and I have invested countless hours studying the stock market and the world of financing, and our only regret is that we did not begin investing in the market many years before. But having said that, we also feel that it is never too late to start investing in the stock market. Financial education alone has been invaluable to us. 


Please make payments as follows:


COST of our Workshop (Six (6) Hours):


$249.00 - ( Includes three (3) FREE family members who attend at the same time).


Please mail your check to:


Carlton L. Dowdy

3337 W. Faircrest Dr. Anaheim, Ca 92804


OR PayPal at


Note: You may also elect to make two separate payments.



We are not Stockbrokers and nor are we License Financial Planners! Therefore, we are not allowed to make stock buying and selling recommendations and will not do so; however, we are allowed to tell you what we are thinking, what stocks we are watching, what stocks are in our portfolios (just ask). We will also provide some light on our thinking.  



"the Colonel" & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)


PS: If you are interested in learning how to begin investing in stocks, attending our stock workshop will be the place to be. 


PPS: There is one thing I am sure off: 

Once you complete six (6) hours of training with us, you will be ready to buy stock and be amongst the best at doing so. When the workshop is over, you will own several shares (the exact number is up to you); however, we suggest that you stay around ten stocks or less until you get a feel for the process and learn more about how things work. And don't worry. That's why we designed our Master Mind Training Sessions. 


PPPS: I can almost bet that you will not only be intrigued with our program but also become a firm believer in what Dr. Carver said, 


"Anything that you love will reveal it's secrets 

to you" - George Washington Carver


Thanks for taking the time to read this extended offer. I am sure that whatever decision you make will be the right decision or you!  


Hope to hear from you soon. Chow!

Contact us at


Recommended reading:  

"The Richest Man In Babylon" by George S. Clason. If you haven't it's a must-read eye-opener for anyone unsatisfied with their financial well being. There are many jewels, contained within.  


Here is what I mean:

#1. "A part of what you earn is yours to keep!" If you forget that you will never be financially free!  


#2. "If you have not acquired more than a bare existence in the years since you were a youth, you either have failed to learn the laws that govern the building of wealth or did not observe them."


The deal is this: 

You have to decide on what you want more from life, and that alone is the most critical decision you can make. 




COST of our Workshop (Six (6) Hours):


$249 - ( Includes three (3) FREE family mbrs who attend the same tim as you attend).


Please mail your check to:


Carlton L. Dowdy

3337 W. Faircrest Dr. Anaheim, Ca 92804


Or PayPal at


Note: You may also elect to make two separate payments.


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